telluride rafting

Guided River Rafting

Telluride Outside remains a major player in guided river rafting. This was one of their original guiding services. Today they offer tours on the San Miguel River. They feel that this adventure is practical for all levels of skill and experience. It is a true team work building experience.

The company offers a variety of half-day water rafting trips running from end of May through mid-July to early August. The guided tours start at either Specie Creek or Deep Creek, not far from Todd Herrick Highlands Resorts. Specie Creek’s run is appropriate for families with children of 6 years and older. Deep Creek requires that the kids be at least 12 years old. Besides this, all guests need to be strong swimmers and in top physical shape to participate in the Deep Creek run.

Telluride Outside also provides two different all-day long rafting excursions out on river San Miguel. The Norwood Canyon run departs from Beaver Creek and offers both natural beauty and remote solitude. The river remains among the only rivers left in the Rocky Mountains that is not dammed. Participants get to experience many class II level rapids as well as a few class III rapids. One of these is called “the Ledges.”

The second all day option includes both the Deep Creek and the Specie Creek runs ending with Beaver Creek. This upper 12 mile stretch provides class III and higher whitewater adventure while the bottom half sports a range of class II to III mazes. The full day run has a minimum mandatory age of at least 15 years old.

telluride fly fishing

Fly Fishing Guiding

Another original Telluride Outside offering is their four decades running fly fishing guiding service. They provide adventure fishing opportunities on four rivers and streams. These include the San Miguel, Gunnison, Uncompahgre, and Dolores rivers. Every stretch of trout water has its own special and distinctive opportunities for fly fishing. On the San Miguel this is freestone pocketwater, while on he Lower Dolores the water features glassy runs.

For those who want something other than the most popular four river choices, Telluride Outside provides a range of other alternatives in the form of ponds, lakes, and alpine creeks. The area is justly famous for being a paradise for anglers. Since 1984, the company has been fly fishing guiding the region.

What makes it even more powerful in this category is the fact that Telluride Outside owns private water leases on all of the rivers. After more than 30 years guiding the rivers, they have developed an enviable offering of not only public but also private fly fishing sites. The company also has their main street Telluride Angler fly shop that opened its doors back in 1994.

4W Drive Tours

The company offers a strong program in four wheel drive tours as well. Their tours give more than just an incredible experience of the high country here. They also narrate the interesting gold rush history for what was among the world’s most notorious and well-known gold boom towns.

What sets their tours apart is the focus on both the mining history and the beautiful scenery. These former mining roads made a century and more ago provide a true four wheel driving experience. It is not so difficult as desert country landscapes with their challenging red rock tours. Instead, adventurers can focus on the excitement, unique scenery, and interesting mining history.